Wei Wai Kum First Nation

Wei Wai Kum First Nation


The Wei Wai Kum First Nation is located in the heart of Campbell River, BC, which can be found on the mid-eastern coast of Vancouver Island. The nation currently numbers 729, with 358 members living on reserve. There are 112 children and youth, aged 18 and younger, living among 65 families on reserve.

weiwaikum_KDCFacilities located on the Wei Wai Kum First Nation reserve include Thunderbird Hall, Administration office, House of Treasures, Computer Lab, Thunderbird Campground, Discovery Harbour Marina, Kwawatsi Big House, Kwanwatsi preschool and Kwakiutl District Council (KDC) Health Centre (Laich-kwil-tach Health Centre). 

The newly renovated Thunderbird Hall is the site for numerous gatherings, as well as a recreational facility for the community.

weiwaikum_house_of_thunderIn 1997 the Kwawatsi Big House was built for potlatch and ceremonial purposes. Kwawatsi translates to “House of Thunder” in the Kwak’wala language.

The band offers programs and services to parents, elders, caregivers, and children. A youth worker co-ordinates activities and programs, such as after school activities, trips, fundraisers, awareness training, and outings, and also provides transportation for the children and youth to access the city’s many facilities. An Elder worker hosts and organizes fundraisers, home care visits with ‘meals on wheels’, and various outing, and gatherings.

weiwaikum_CR_daycareThe Kwanwatsi pre-school, “recognizes that children are our most valuable resource and works to ensure that the family and the community are grounded in traditional language and culture, literacy, health, nutrition, and education.”

The KDC Health Centre provides community members with access to a variety of community health care services and mental health and addictions services. The Home and Community Care program offers home support to on-reserve Elders and individuals with disabilities, to allow for them to live independently and with dignity; an assessment is required to assess the level of care required for the individual and or family.  The Mental Health and Addictions Services provide counselling, prevention, and awareness to address a number of issues, including suicide, drugs and alcohol abuse, trauma, grief and loss. There is also a support and mentoring program, called Precious Beginnings, in dealing with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

weiwaikum_KDCAdditionally, the KDC Health Centre offers weekly programs, such as Elder Wellness Days, Girls in the Kitchen and the Yoga Program. There are also HIV/AIDS Family Games Night held each month and a Healthy Babies Group every second week.  In addition to the community activities, listed above, the Centre also provides a variety of services and workshops, covering topics such as communicable disease control, arthritis management, dental varnishing for children, pre and post-natal health, patient transport assistance, health information sessions and nutritional services.


For more info, please visit their website at: www.crband.ca