Laichwiltach Family Life Society

Laichwiltach Family Life Society

lfls-logo-150Our Vision:   To empower and promote healing in our communities from a First Nations perspective for all people of Native ancestry in Unity.

Located in the heart of Campbell River on Vancouver Island, the Laichwiltach Family Life Society is a multi-service organization that services Aboriginal people throughout the region.  The Society has worked in a caring, collaborative, culturally based way to create a safe environment and circles of care, healing and wellness for First Nations and Metis families over the last 20 years.  The society provides direct service to over a 1000 people a year, not including the various celebrations like Aboriginal Day and/or family dinners.

The creation of Laichwiltach Family Life Society (LFLS) began in 1991, when four First Nations women in the Campbell River area on Vancouver Island broke the silence that had long surrounded domestic violence. Audrey Wilson of  We Wai Kai First Nation, Pauline Janyst of Da’naxd’xw First Nation, Barb Mitchell of K’omoks First Nation,  and Lorna Quatell of Wei Wai Kum First Nation wanted to provide a safe place where urban and on-reserve women with young children who were experiencing domestic violence could get help and support.

Program and Services

All of the programs are grounded in First Nations concepts of wellness, which center children in circles of care that extend out to all family that include Metis cultures.


Core program areas include the following:

  • Early childhood programs (0-5 yrs)
  • Programs for speech and language
  • Youth employment skills training (18-30 yrs)
  • Elder activities
  • Individual and family counselling
  • Child welfare, including guardianship, familysupport, and resources
  • Referrals
  • Community-wide events

LFLS provides services provides a full range of 0 – 6 programs that include parenting programs, family support program for parents with children in care.


Aboriginal Families Planning Circle helps them plan to keep children out of care or to get them back; An Early Childhood Development program that serves expectant mothers and their children. Community kitchen/fitness program that teaches parents to cook and shop on a limited income; Aboriginal Head Start and Little Fry  prepares children for kindergarten.  Recently, daycare was added for the working parents. Aboriginal Supported Child Development is designed to specifically meet the needs of children with special needs. Aboriginal Infant Development Program supports the children within the context of the family, community and culture as an early intervention.

Youth programs include Youth at Risk outreach, afterschool programs and activities are scheduled on a daily basis.  Youth counselling, sexual abuse counselling and the Blade Runner are other programs that service the youth.
For adults there are support groups, residential school healing program, family therapy, sexual abuse counselling, addictions counselling, anger management.

lfls-elderRekindling the Spirit of our Elders - The Elders Program is open to status, non-status and Métis people, members are from various BC first nation communities. The purpose of the program is to help reduce feelings of isolation. We accomplish this with fundraising activities, teaching young people how to make bannock during Aboriginal Day celebrations in local schools, and attending local and regional cultural events. Elders attend monthly luncheons at various locations on Vancouver Island in addition to attending the annual BC Elders Gathering.


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