Voice of our Elders March 2012

Voices of Our Elders Gathering, March 2012

elders gathering mar 2012On March 21 and 22, 2012, Sasamans Society invited Elders aged 65 and over to attend a gathering at the Quinsam Center in Campbell River. Thirty-seven Elders generously shared their knowledge and wisdom about how parents, families, and communities can care for children in a traditional, community-driven way. At the gathering, Elders were asked to speak on four main themes:

  • Traditional family law
  • Traditional parenting
  • The needs of children and families in government care
  • How to prevent children from going into government care 

Elders sat at tables in groups of four to five to engage in rich discussions around these themes. A member of the Sasamans Society team sat at each table and took notes from these important conversations. This report is based on these notes. Out of respect for the wisdom shared by the Elders at this gathering, this report attempts to use the words and language captured in the notes as much as possible.

This report also contains pictures taken at the gathering, as well as images created by Colleen Stevenson through what is called graphic recording. While Elders spoke in groups, Colleen simultaneously drew images based on what was being discussed.

This report includes a summary of the keynote addresses made at the gathering, an account of what the Elders shared in regards to the main themes listed above, and an overview of next steps articulated by the Elders.