Quatsino First Nation

quatsino_logoquatsino_schoolThe Quatsino First Nation was amalgamated from five tribes, T’latsinuxw, Huyalas, Gusgimukw, Gob’inuxw, and Qwat’sinuxw. In 1972, the Quatsino people relocated, to get education, employment and be near the hospital. It is known as Quattishe IR#18, which is 18 kms northwest of Port Hardy B.C and 2 min from the town of Coal Harbour B.C.
Our community has three hereditary chiefs, one elected chief and four elected council members.
Our band population is 448 people of which 182 members live on reserve and 266 live off. Quatsino First Nation  has 36 families that live on reserve.

kakotlatsi_blanketThe Quatsino First Nation has a School called K’ak’otlats’i, which means “house of learning”. They have 3 teachers, 3 assistant teachers, 1 cultural teacher, 1 speech and language teacher and a principal. They have programs such as boys, girls group, and hockey night. Quatsino also has a local store, Health Clinic that has a Social Worker, Health Director, C.H.R, C.H.N, diabetic/foot care worker, Elders’ coordinator, IDP worker and a NNDAP worker who all do their roles for their community Monday-Friday and some afternoon workshops. The Health Clinic also provides Doctor, Dentist, Optometrist and Hygienist on monthly basis.

We have a community hall where the youth worker opens its doors three times a week for recreation, fundraising and games. There is a games room upstairs that is opened once a week for families to get together and play pool, fools ball, board games and do arts and crafts. In the other half of the hall there is a room for Sunday School and this is where the elders coordinator has blanket making once a week. The Quatsino youth were given a 15 passenger van for their trips, the youth get to bless it and add a logo of their own. Also, the CCP worker helps coordinate  the Youth and Elders council of Quatsino.

quatsino_band_officeQuatsino First Nation also has a logging company and fishing company that operates out of the Treaty Office; they provide wood and fish to the community and employ community members. The Quatsino Nation also gets a chance to get tags to hunt for elk and deer, the meat is then given to the community.

In spring and summer, Quatsino Community has the chance to see the Love Core bible group that comes and stays at our hall. They organize games, activities and sing songs with all of our community and mostly our children. We also have a Spring break coordinator and Summer day camp coordinator who organizes games, activities, songs, crafts and much more for the time the children are out of School.  (Our youth are usually hired for these positions).

In recent months the Quatsino community has been engaged in providing information and feedback on each department within the band towards the development of a Comprehensive Community Plan.  At the same time Sasamans Society has begun its community engagement and will be holding group or individual interviews to gather information that will help the community committee and Sasamans staff to develop a community-owned child and family wellness plan. Both of these plans complement one another in helping meet the growing needs of a healthy community.


For more info, please visit their website at: www.quatsinofn.com